Textured Open Ring



If you are a fan of unique rings, this accessory belongs in your wardrobe! The crafted textures outside of the ring give it an exceptional look that can match any type of outfit. It is the perfect addition to make your outfits look complete.  

The thin and open ring can easily be paired with different clothes for specific occasions. It can be used in casual and formal settings alike. The swirl shape of the ring gives it a special look and adds some flavor to your clothes. 

Although extraordinary in shape and texture, the ring is never perceived as loud or gaudy. It is elegant and stylish without making an effort. There are numerous designs and sizes available to fit your taste. 

The swirl textured open ring can be found in four distinct styles; pink gold-filled, sterling silver, 14K yellow gold, and the classic yellow gold filled. It comes in several sizes that can be adjusted to fit your fingers perfectly. Due to this, you can place it on any finger of your choice.

Standard sized rings are designed for a specific finger, and this ring overcomes that drawback. Additionally, the texture on the ring allows it to shine, brightening your entire look without snatching all the attention. The textured ring, coupled with the swirl shape, creates an uncommon combination that looks surprisingly chic.

The choice of multiple colors and materials gives you the chance to alter the theme of your outfit to fit the occasion. Using the textured ring, in addition to a necklace or gold bracelet, can significantly impact the style and polish the overall aesthetic of the outfit.  

  • Made of 14k solid gold, gold-filled, and 925 sterling silver
  • Textures on the ring
  • Ring size from 3 to 11
  • Adjustable
  • Designed and made in the USA