Stacked Ring Pendant Necklace

$19.99 $23.99


This beautiful necklace is like a piece of art. Delicate and interesting. A chain, with three beautiful interlocking symbols of eternity embellishing your neckline. Three rings entwined designating unification and power for some, and a celebration of an accomplishment to others. 

The loveliest part of a piece of jewelry like this is the variables. It can indicate something serious from the heart. It can represent a gift to mark a special friendship, or it can be an elegant way to enhance someone's attire. 

If you buy one as a gift, enclose a small card with a special message of what this means to you, or why you want this person to have this necklace. Sterling silver goes with everything and adds just enough sparkle to be sophisticated. 

Remember that plain jane dress you avoid wearing? Buy the five-ring necklace and you will be amazed how elegant that dress looks now. 

History tells us that rings are an intimate gift. They can represent religions, love, and are unique in that they are complete circles with no beginning and no end. 

The rings are made of sterling silver which will slowly develop a beautiful patina. The material itself appears youthful and modern but not inexpensive. 

This three-ring pendant is one you will wear on a weekly basis. It is just enough to dress up the dowdiest outfit and the price is very reasonable. This pendant is best described as a piece of understated elegance.   

  • Made of 925 sterling silver or14k gold filled 
  • Three-link ring stacked up pendant 10 mm
  • Necklace length 18 inches 
  • 0.9 mm cable chain with a spring-ring clasp
  • Designed and made in the USA