Dangle Bead Earrings

Metal: Gold filled
Stone: Turquoise

    The twenty-first century is all about bringing back the cult classic fashion statements in vogue once again. The long drop earrings are among those items which are currently setting trends on a whole different level. It comes in a diverse range of offbeat variations in shape, sizes, and designs.  

    The most loved, simple, yet elegant design of all is the round dangle beads with chain earrings. This particular earring has two asymmetrical chains attached to the ear wire, with two lovely turquoise beads hanging on each end. Even the sleek ear wire used for hooking the earring to the ear has a smooth and polished texture.

    The drop of the earring is of the perfect length for any occasion. It can be worn with formal attire as lightweight jewelry for the workplace. It also works as a sleek and funky statement piece with casual wear for movies or brunches. It neither looks tiny nor touches the shoulder. Along with it, the weight is very light to carry off. Even the slightest breeze makes it swing. The shiny chains sparkle when any light falls on it, and even the slightest breeze makes it swing like a wind charm. The grace it exudes is sure to make you feel upbeat and confident.

    The material used in the making of this jewelry is fine gold filled in metal. The ear wires and the chains comprise of 14k gold filling. The beads hanging at the end of the chains are of two different sizes fitted according to the length of the chains. The fine jewelry piece has been designed and is made with proper minute detailing in the USA. 

    •  Chains and ear wires 14k gold filled
    • Two different size beads
    • Earrings length 2.5 inches from the top of ear wires
    • Turquoise beads
    • Designed and made in the USA