Opalite Pendant Necklace

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Milky teardrop opalite pendant necklace. Small teardrop shape, briolette smooth opalite pendant necklace.

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Briolette Teardrop Opalite Pendant Necklace Gold

Necklaces are wonderful. They help enhance our facial features and perfectly bring together your look. This teardrop opalite gold necklace is a fantastic necklace, as it is quite attractive and can go along with any outfit you select. Find out why this is a must have item below.

It’s All in the Pendant

The pendant makes the necklace and it is one of the most important things you need to look out for when buying a necklace. In this case, you found a great buy with this gold necklace as the pendant comes with the simple yet attractive teardrop design.

The small smooth teardrop is highly attractive to say the least: it will give you that girly yes chic appearance. This milky opalite pendant is adaptable and the reason we say this is because you can easily combine it with other accessories.

Value for Money

This teardrop opalite pendant necklace gives you value for money. It is made using high quality gold meaning you don’t have you worry about the necklace, tarnishing easily when it interacts with other mediums. The chain is firm yet comfortable: you will only need to provide basic care to maintain its beauty.

Why The Teardrop Design?

As you may have noticed, many jewelers are now going for the teardrop design with their pendants. This is due to the simplistic nature of the pendant. It’s easy to pair with an outfit and easy on the eye, making it quite appealing. The teardrop design also has a contemporary touch.

Smooth teardrop opalite pendant size: 6 mm wide x 12 mm long

Chain: Yellow gold plated small cable chains with spring ring clasp

Necklace Length: 16 inch (40 cm)


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