Gold Crescent Moon Choker


Gold Crescent Moon Choker. Shinny textured moon choker. Moon hangs on thin red or black cord, gold or silver chain.

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Gold crescent moon choker. If you love exquisite jewelry, but want every piece to have a unique twist, then this open moon choker may be just perfect for you. The original design will work exceptionally well to highlight the beauty of your neck. For attracting the attention, go for this gorgeous necklace which also fits easily and feels exceptionally comfortable. It’s a fabulous match to both formal outfits, like your little black dress, and to more casual ones like a strapless or boat neck top.

What precious metal shine do you want for your moon?

You can select between a gold plated or silver plated moon, depending on your personal preferences. It’s worth noting that the natural color and shine of both metals resemble closely that of the celestial body. That is why you should consider your clothes, accessories that you can pair the choker necklace with and your individual taste to make a decision. Gold is more attention-grabbing and has a classic appeal to it, while silver is subtler and can create a sense of serenity and relaxation.

Moon Choker

Regardless of your choice of precious metal, you will have a shiny moon that makes your neckline dazzle and highlights the natural beauty of your skin. It feels as if you can cast a magic spell on everyone around when wearing the open moon choker. It’s easy to be the star of every gathering.

Choosing between a variety of chain options

A gold plated chain will naturally match a moon made with the use of the same metal. You can go for a silver plated chain, if you’ve chosen a silver plated moon. However, you don’t have to be a traditionalist. You can always mix and match the moon and the chain. This will make the open moon choker even more exciting to wear when you’re out with friends or on a romantic date.

Instead of a chain, you can opt for a bright red cord for your necklace. The color matches perfectly both gold and silver. In many cultures, it symbolizes vitality and good luck. It is believed that the red cord can protect you from evil spirits. If you want to achieve a more dramatic look, consider getting the necklace with a black cord. It serves as the perfect backdrop for the shiny moon.

Celebrate your feminine style with this fascinating necklace that you can wear with practically every sexy outfit that you have in your closet, no matter if it is more formal or more casual. Add the open moon choker to your jewelry collection now.

Moon size and color: 7 x 10 mm, gold plated

Chain: gold plated cable chain

Choker length: 12″(30.48cm) with spring ring clasp and 3″(7.62cm) extension chain


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