Celtic Spiral Necklace


Celtic spiral pendant necklace, special design hand pendant spiral made on both sides of the hand with antique gold finished. Pendant hangs with a small blue turquoise.

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Celtic Spiral Necklace – An Artistic and Enchanting Jewelry Piece

With its quirky design, this fun hand pendant necklace is a great choice for those to want to
add a touch of playfulness to their outfit. It’s small and exquisite, but it quickly grabs the
attention with its gorgeous ornamentation and the thin and elegant chain. It has a lot of
symbolism too.

                              Celtic spiral pendant necklace 

The antique gold pendant has the shape of a hand which is far from conventional in the
jewelry world. It can symbolize friendship, but also fate. Because of the stylized design, the
pendant is symmetrical and this gives it even greater magnetism and a pinch of glamour too.
The Celtic spiral is more than a decorative element of this fun hand pendant necklace. It
symbolizes motion and progress. This makes the jewelry piece a great choice for a person full
of energy who is focused and determined. The spiral is a symbol which is over two thousand
years old and this makes it mystical as well as highly attractive. This is exactly what you will
achieve when you wear the necklace.

The small turquoise is another element which is more than purely decorative. It looks fantastic and symbolizes emotional balance, energy, wisdom and serenity. In many cultures, this

gemstone is worn for good luck too. This is something that we all need, although not many of
us are willing to admit it. The turquoise on the necklace is beautiful and enchanting.

This celtic spiral necklace could be yours right now. Go ahead and grab it to wear it the
next time you go out.

Necklace length: 16″ (41 cm)

Chain: Gold plated cable chain with spring ring clasp

Pendant color: Gold plated

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