Tiny Turquoise Necklace


Make A Bold Statement With This Tiny Turquoise Necklace

This beautiful blue turquoise statement necklace is for the woman who dares to be bold. It's edgy yet classy all at the same time. 

It says to the world, I'm beautiful and I know it. It's sophisticated, stylish, and gorgeous just like you. It's the type of necklace you can use to dress up or dress down. It accents the neckline giving you that elongated look women crave. 

If you want all eyes to be on you when you arrive, this stunning necklace will make that happen. Its brilliant design is flawless, making it the perfect accessory. It's a must-have for any woman who loves jewelry. 

Once you put it on, it will hang effortlessly around the neck and bring attention to all the right areas. It's eye-catching and will add just the right amount of color to your already-polished look. 

The spring ring clasp ensures the necklace has a comfortable fit. It's secure yet able to freely hang. It will swing naturally with every step you take. 

  • Made of 14K gold-filled or 925 sterling silver
  • Smooth turquoise size 4 - 4.5 mm
  • Necklace length 14", 15", 16" or 18"
  • 0.9 mm cable chain with a spring-ring clasp
  • Designed and made in the USA