Bubble Silver Necklace

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This is a gorgeous sterling silver three circle necklace. This style necklace touting three rings linked together. They have just the right amount of shine to add a punch of awe to your spring or summer outfit. They will be swaying around your neck on a small chain that embellishes the beauty of the rings. 

Rings are a form of symbolism for varying cultures and religions. Some believe they hold the power of the pyramids, while others say they are the basic premise for cyclic order in the world. 

They have been used through the centuries for the coat of arms to display family unity. Religions have presented three linked rings as the tripod of life, illustrating the connection between the supreme beings of their beliefs. 

When you stop and look at a circle, you realize it has no beginning and no end. That seems to signify wholeness and once they are linked, that completeness is continued until the links are broken. 

All this beauty and mystery is presented in sterling silver and linked together as a pendant swaying on the end of a chain. Its understated magnificence enriches any attire. The sterling silver is the bow on the package, a stunning source of shimmer to reflect the light.

This sterling silver three circle necklace shines without looking inexpensive. It has a luster that lasts for years and eventually develops a patina all its own. It’s easy to maintain with minimal cleaning, in most cases only once a year. This pendant of three linked rings is a piece of jewelry you will wear often. 

  • 925 sterling silver        
  • Interlocking ring pendant 17 mm wide
  • Necklace length 16 or 18 inches 
  • 0.9 mm cable chain with a spring-ring clasp 
  • Designed and made in the USA