Heart Earrings Gold

$16.99 $19.99


Drop earrings are all the rage now and is favored by the younger generation all around. We have designed this gorgeous piece of gold drop earring in a large heart shape keeping in mind the recent fashion trends. Even though the heart shape of the piece is a big one, still you will not feel the weight on your ears. It is an extremely lightweight earring, perfect for both daytime and night-time wear. 

Any jewelry in heart shape looks magnificent. Added to it, the quality of the material used in jewelry, you get a magnificent piece in your dresser. You can trust this piece to transform the look of any attire around. It is the kind of jewelry that you can just hook in, and you will be set for any type of outing. Turn heads towards your appearance with this unique gold heart dangle earring, irrespective of the occasion or venue. 

Think about a bright red dress on your prom night or a fluttering white gown for your birthday or black-and-gold for a special date night with movies, dinner, and wine. This lightweight, minimal, yet statement piece will go along with all of those outfits for each and every occasion. 

You can also wear it on casual occasions or even on a daily basis. If you are looking to buy this as a gift, you can close your eyes and trust this heart earring to work like magic. Every woman loves something in the shape of a heart, and your special someone will not be an exception.  

The whole earring is 14k gold filled along with the ear wires. The size of the heart is 1.75"W × 1.65"H.

  • Gold plated heart
  • 14k gold filled ear wires
  • Heart size 1.75"W x 1.65"H
  • High polish finish