Opalite Bracelet



Do you love milky? We love milky. Get these triple round opalite bracelet!

The name opalite comes from the natural stone opal. Artificially made or man-made opalescent glass is called opalite as a trading term. The stone is precious and looks gorgeous, especially under sunlight. What makes our gorgeous opalite bracelet in high demand is the beautiful milky texture of the three stones. 

This stone is a fan-favorite in all kinds of custom jewelry which comes in Bohemian, tribal, Greek, and sea-beach styles. Keeping that in mind, we have designed this minimalistic bracelet that is loved by women of all ages. This particular product is a bracelet that can be worn on every occasion and on a daily basis too. It also goes with all kinds of attire. Whether you are wearing a simple denim and t-shirt or something more formal, the bracelet will work just fine. The milky white transparent stone bracelet has a sleek, simple yet elegant look. There are three opalite beads added consecutively on the bracelet.

Not a cuff or a bangle, this bracelet is made of chain. You can adjust the lock of the chain by hooking it up in any of the links. A loose-fit look works perfectly if you are flaunting it in a casual setting. Closely wrapped around your wrist works better if you are wearing it with an evening dress or a gown to a classy event. Either way, it looks stylish and elegant, matching your personality.

The material of the chain used in the bracelet is 14k gold filled. Even the spring-ring of the clasp is of gold filled. The width of the chain is 1.1mm. You can choose between bracelet lengths before purchasing. The lengths are 6.5", 7" or 7.5". 

  • Milky white color opalite
  • 1.1 mm 14k gold filled cable chain with a spring-ring clasp
  • Bracelet length 6.5", 7" or 7.5" 
  • Designed and made in the USA